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Currency Information

India has very strict guidelines about bringing Rupees into and taking Rupees out of India. Chances are your bank will charge you a higher rate to exchange currency into Rupees in your country of residency.


We recommend that you exchange money when you arrive in India with trusted sources like Thomas Cook. Thomas Cook usually offers a good rate of exchange for changing currency into Rupees. Additionally, you can opt to use an ATM/Cash point when you arrive. Remember to keep the receipts of your currency exchange, so that when you must change Rupees back into your country's currency, you get the same rate of exchange.


Additionally, you don't need to exchange a large amount of currency before you arrive at Rajah Island. We recommend exchanging $50-$100 at the very most once you first arrive in India.


Alternatively, you can bring Travelers Cheques with you if you are planning on doing a lot of shopping and most vendors accept major credit cards.


If you have any questions about currency exchange, we recommend speaking to your local bank branch.

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